Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alternative Lifystyles

So, since I can remember having a job, I've almost always had this inner question. What do I want to do with my life. And while I am doing something daily that is amazing, I still ask myself the same question.

So as I get older, and situations surface, so does the question. And here I am, looking deeper into myself and trying to clear up my picture so that maybe one day, I too will be living the dream in my dreams.

Here's my start, i love this website!!!:

How Baselining Works

The process of baselining involves writing down everything you don’t have to have, be, or do, to live a happy and fulfilled life (for more on this, see here). For example, I don’t have to own nice furniture (thrift store furniture works just fine) or a house, I don’t have to finish graduate school, I don’t have to be able to tell a coherent story about how I make money. If you’re serious about doing a thorough job of baselining, you’ll download this spreadsheet and write down how much money and time you’ll eliminate by doing away with existing possessions, obligations, and self-images. (In the next week or so I’ll write a more lengthy and detailed post about the ins and outs of base lining).

What I’ve found is that my dreams naturally emerge after I’ve eliminated bullsh*t assumptions about what I have to be, do, and have in order to be happy (if this doesn’t happen for you, then simply do some dreamlining after you’ve done some baselining)

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