Sunday, March 8, 2015

i heart...crafts

A few years ago, my girl-friends and i would get together regularly for our craft circle or sunday funday crafting. sometimes we would make ornaments, holiday cards, we'd sew, make jewelry, you name it, we probably did it and it usually involved yummy snacks and cocktails...oh yeah we also had clothing swaps. more on that at another time.

during those times we also attended every craft fair and flea market, Renegade, Bazaar Bazaar, Alameda Faire, etc...that we could get to. they were inspiring, gave us ideas, made us dream and hope and kept us sane during our every day lives.

fast forward to now, Dallas, 2015. i am happily surprised that since i have been back, i have been to two craft shows. the first being the etsy holiday show, and last weekend The Dallas Flea.

Check out some of these fun shops i discovered and love:

1. mama said studio (hilarious & awesome) - prints
2. anna tovar studio (beautiful art) - prints
3. fox hollow design co. (beautiful for a childrens room) - prints
4. monrail studio (love their captain/pirate sign) - prints
5. sweet tees shop (love their "oh happy day" and heart stuff) - totes & tees
6. swift & 9 (love, love, love this shop (sweet and talented artist)) - prints & globes
7. hip to be fair (beautiful and colorful home goods. picked up a print for victors room) - home goods
8. jar cakery (adorable cake in a jar) - sweet treats
9. girls who can (yummy jams) - yummy
10. small change (awesome funky vintage finds) - vintage

mama said studio

mama said studio

Burnin' Beak - yummy habanero marmalade (almost bought the mild and ended up with super hot)
cute cards, colorful and whimsical

Saturday, March 7, 2015

i love right now

it's been almost 3 years since i last wrote...

lots has changed since then.

  • we have a wonderful, joyous baby girl
  • we have moved to a new state, TX (after living in San Francisco for almost 11 years)
  • i have a new career (that i really enjoy)
  • we bought our first home (we've been renting for over 20 years)
  • we have a new car (crazy that we have 2 cars now since we barely drove our only one barely once a week)
  • and...we have another baby on the way

huge life events that mostly happened over the last 7 months

the crazy thing about this is even though there are a lot of moving HUGE parts, I am

  • in love with my hubbie
  • in love with our life
  • am feeling creative and inspired again - WOOHOO
  • LOVE my daughter and cannot wait for my son to arrive
  • happy with who i am and have become
Most of my friends have known me from my late 20's to now. But i was a different person up until my mid 20 and had another re-birth in my 30's. I've come full circle and will probably (hopefully) keep growing and changing as i and time passes. thats the beauty of life and cannot wait for today and for whats ahead. i am grateful for those that i have around me, the peacefulness i have within myself and cheers to whats ahead.

stay tuned for some badassness from me to come!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

i love love

yes, i am back and title-ing this i love love - where it all began.

here's my updated list of things i love, please add to it things you love!!!

sunny mornings
the beach
kitty cats especially ones named foofoo
my name
where i was born, my heritage
neon and fluorescent
flowers, plants, trees
warm breezes with a hint of cold especially on a hot sunny day
art, especially the kind that makes you think, wonder, dream, feel good, question
home decor
my hair
my new eyes
our new mac
mac and cheese
brussel sprouts, veggies, fruits
love my friends!!!
tie dye
hearing a song on the radio that takes you back to a memory
i love my family!!!
i love love
holidays and birthdays
comfy but cute shoes
pops of color
hot tubs
painted nails
spa treatments
body wraps
to be continued.........................................................................................

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Saturday, January 28, 2012