Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the baby

woke up at 5:45 to the baby, foofoo.

she went to the vet yesterday to have a bump looked at. we thought it was maybe a mole she was picking at or maybe a scab that would never heal, so we had it checked out and ryan took her inn.

we find out that the dr's don't really know what it is, but they do have an action plan:

1. clean the foot area
2. medicate the area
3. put drops in her mouth
4. and she has to wear a cone thing around her head

turns out #4 is by far the toughest, even tougher than administering meds.

wearing the cone, she has no peripheral sight, has a hard time eating, and seems like she can't do anything for herself.

so this morning, i got her out of bed with me, she was getting fussy, so i thought she wanted down, so i did. and took her to the kitchen area, the place that houses her food, water, and poo box.

she stood there forever, bumping into everything and confused. so i called her to her food, she tried but no go. so i hand fed her, that was cute.

not interested in water. so i picked her up and put her in her litter box. she hadn't been in there for a while, she wasn't interested. so i pulled her out, came over here and here i am.

a few minutes later, as i tyoe this, i hear a bunch of her stumbling around, plastic banging into everything...i put this down to go check on her. she finds her way back in the poo box and does her thing...

success at 6am in the morning...huge milestones of the important to come of her, not her poo :)

much love,

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