Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday songs

more band

hi, for those of you who are reading this, hello.

thursday night i went to a 30th birthday party with a friend. not knowing 99% of the people is usually tough, I have to put yourself out there, or else i'll just be in a corner with my 1's not an easy thing, but good and a must do.

anyways, thursdays party was fun. i felt like i was in college again, the people were super chill, easy to just hang out with, the house was welcoming, the cabernet was good, the live music was awesome. i had a really good time. i had moments of inspiration, or letting go, or creativing, of realization, of fun.

did I mention the Dead are playing right now on the radio as I write this, i love saturday chill days.

ok, here are the pictures in order of events:

the beginning


me and sally (in the green room / back stage)

more back stage shots

the scene, the view, the music

the 1st band

the horse magics art (upside down) oops

the horse wisperer aka horse magic

they swapped jackets, 6'5" vs. 5'6"

ken and barbie


  1. p.s. I think they are playing hours of grateful dead right now, omg...

  2. ok, obviously i need to be filled in on some details from this event!