Wednesday, August 18, 2010



For those of you reading this, thank you.

I have just had a pivitol birthday and I have to say I have had a great time riding up to that date. Now that I am, I'm about to partake on a trip starting in 2 days.

I fly off friday morning to dallas tx, say hello to it, spend the night, pick up the fam and fly off saturday to the town I was born in. You're heard me say the place, but here are some snipits of where I'm from:

Odessa, Ukraine

Besides the many beautiful Ukraine women in the city, there are other attractions, such as the labyrinth of catacombs beneath the streets. Extreme tourists often go on unsanctioned tours of the tunnels, which are dangerous since they are fragile and not fully mapped. The city is also the hometown of Yakov Smirnoff (I actually met him in LA and had dinner with him). The architecture and culture of Odessa are also quite spectacular.

Some things we'll be doing there:

  • eating yummy russian food
  • going to the beach
  • seeing family
  • shopping
  • drinking
  • eating
  • walking around
  • maybe go to opera house
  • chillin
  • sleeping in
  • going to the old neighborhood where I was born
  • seeing my moms old school
  • cemetary
  • hmmmmm, maybe the crazy farmers market
  • maybe some dancing on the beach
  • walk the famous stairs
  • speak russian
next on the itinerary is Israel

now this part of the trip is all new to me, stay tuned, here are some pictures to get you and I in the mood

see you around Labor Day!!! more to come

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  1. Labor Day has come and gone. I'm still waiting for a report about your trip and for pictures.
    Aunt Anne (Mueller) Green