Saturday, July 2, 2011

i love me

hi friends,

as some of you know, i have been chasing my dreams in many ways and some of them have come true.

  • i have always wanted to do product development, and i do it
  • i live in an amazing city where i can be me, and i live there
  • i'm unconditionally loved by my partner through life, and he loves me for me
  • i have always wanted to have my own store, and now i am building it in the un-coventional way,
    • lately i've been taking business classes and have been educating and learning about what it takes to open a brick and mortar and while that's still a dream, for me, right now, there are other things that are right, like focusing on making my art and jewelry and selling it on line, in boutiques wholesale, and possibly at craft fairs.
    • this new space allows for me to focus on other growth that i want for myself:
      • maybe having a baby
      • getting lasik
      • continuing in growing my career
      • making our apartment a home
      • traveling
      • doing more art
      • etc, etc, etc...
so welcome to my shop Svetlana's

stay tuned for the next phase of my jewelry and art. here are some pieces I made that i'm in love with...

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