Friday, September 2, 2011

i heart being glasses free

hi friends & world,

it's been over a month since i got rid of my eye glasses and i am so loving the life without them. i've been wearing them since 1st grade i think - I think that makes it about 25+ years of me in glasses. i started wearing contacts in high-school but when i got older and more mature (though college) i went back into glasses since they just felt better for my eyes.

did i mention that i had a real real bad prescription so they weren't the cute glasses or disposable contacts, they were the brown framed bottle cap ones and the contacts were hard and irritating :(

anywho, so once i began wearing glasses regularly, i pretty much accepted the fact that I would be in them for the rest of my life and accepted that and made the best of it. i wore funky, colorful, trendy ones then later wore clear ones so they wouldn't cover up my face so much. and in between eye doctor visits, i would ask causally, do you think i would ever have the chance to have lasik? the answer was always, probably not because of your prescription...

so fast forward about a year ago, holiday time, i bought a new pair of glasses (they were actually a gift from the hubbie) since they were so damn expensive and i really didn't need a new pair yet :) and that got me thinking - damn these are so expensive...could have bought boots or a purse with that kinda cash :)

now, it's May June this year at work, i hear a buzz that people are having lasik, whaaaa, again, not me no way, even my coworker gets it and gives me the card. the card sits in my wallet for a while and i'm not even really thinking about it but i know it's there...then the hubbie keeps asking me why don't you go, just see what they say. by now, i have a ton of sick days available and i just say screw it, i'll take a sick day and go...I go, do all the eye tests, and think to myself as she's explaining to me the different kinds of procedures, oh, i will probably only qualify for the longest worst recovery - drum roll please, no, i qualify for the easiest one...woohoo, i couldn't believe it. that excitement sings through me all the way home. as i consider it for about a week- i decide to do it!!!and i'm so glad i did.

so, i dedicate this post to all the people out there in glasses. you look beautiful in them, there is hope, and cheers to wearing them. years ago, when i accepted the fact that i might be in them for the rest of my life, that never stopped me from being confident, sexy, funny, or beautiful. i was still those things even though i had glasses covering my face.

without them, i do have to say, the sky is the limit - here are some thing i can do now:

- see in the shower when i shave
- wake up to seeing without reaching for my glasses
- fall asleep without worrying about breaking them or having to wake up to take out the contacts
- wear sunglasses ( I LOVE THIS ONE :))
- get whatever kind of hair cut i want, bangs if i want - woohoo
- wear eye makeup :)
- not have to spend rediculous amounts of money on contacts or glasses again
- go swimming and not have to wear my glasses in the pool
- to be continued, it's only been a month :)

more info and pictures to come - thanks for reading

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