Thursday, November 3, 2011

change, love, i

me on change: as I get older, i realize change is not as easy as it was when i was younger. I would move from apartment to apartment, from job to job, from hair color to hair color, from style to a days, it really does affect me and it's even harder to let go.

these days, i find my place, know what i like and don't like, know the repercussions of my decisions. so changing it up randomly is not as random and whimsical and spontaneous as it once was......

but, no matter how comfortable you get, how accustomed you are to things, no matter what anyone thinks, you must change. the earth rotates, that's change, a moth turns into a butterfly, that's change, everything has a cycle and so do we, let go of who you think you are, who you have become, how everyone perceives you, what is comfortable in your everyday...and embrace the natural cycle of your life changing even though it's rocky...change is not easy, who said it was, but it is necessary and almost always it's the best thing for you. usually once on the other side of the new life, you look back and are happier than you were!!!

so when change is knocking on your door, sure, you'll weigh out the pros and cons...sure it might take you a few months, years, situations before change is banging on your door, that's ok, just make sure you are listening, and will eventually take it's hand through the journey/cycle...when does it knock on your door you ask? when what you know no longer works, your off balance, you can't hold on to what you were doing and holding on to for so must let go and allow life/change to happen...what comes with that, the unknown, knew schedule, new people, new look, new feel = something fresh, something beautiful, something uncomfortable, something unknown, something necessary ~

"just when a caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly"

me on love: do it, feel it, allow it 
me on i: i is love 
change, love, i: even through change, all that you are, have been, known as, is still you. you are just evolving. embrace it.

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