Saturday, April 7, 2012

i love love

yes, i am back and title-ing this i love love - where it all began.

here's my updated list of things i love, please add to it things you love!!!

sunny mornings
the beach
kitty cats especially ones named foofoo
my name
where i was born, my heritage
neon and fluorescent
flowers, plants, trees
warm breezes with a hint of cold especially on a hot sunny day
art, especially the kind that makes you think, wonder, dream, feel good, question
home decor
my hair
my new eyes
our new mac
mac and cheese
brussel sprouts, veggies, fruits
love my friends!!!
tie dye
hearing a song on the radio that takes you back to a memory
i love my family!!!
i love love
holidays and birthdays
comfy but cute shoes
pops of color
hot tubs
painted nails
spa treatments
body wraps
to be continued.........................................................................................

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  1. now that i have updated the layout, i cannot figure out how to create new posts. so i will use the comments field to share what i love ~ enjoy!

    full tilt living newsletter
    Maureen Smith CHT April 2012

    My mechanic and I had a discussion recently about why my twenty-plus year old VW was making sounds that no car should make. I braced myself for what was coming. It was, Jerry told me, bad fuel. Well, not bad, merely low grade.

    He didn't come right out and say it. Under the surface, though, there it was. I am cheap. Jerry loves Volkswagens and has higher standards. He gave me a carefully worded explanation of why premium would make my problem go away. I have to admire him for the restraint he showed when he sent me off to find a service station to put the good stuff in my tank, feeling like I had dodged a bullet. It wasn't the engine after all. Just poor judgement.

    This has led me to reflect on how easy it is to keep going with less than optimum fuel. I'm not talking about eating organic and plenty of vegetables. Smart choices we should make, and probably more obvious than choosing higher octane. I'm talking about where we really live. The heart and soul of us. So easy to neglect with the business, and I mean to say busy-ness, that orders our days. Even on a not so busy day, we are.

    I don't notice anyone asking me how my breathing practice was today, or if I enjoyed my meditation time, or if I shared a great heart connection with anyone this week, or if I got to reflect on the stars or the moon. They might say, “How's business?” and I know they may not mean to say busy-ness, but they do. That is the perceived value, not what we choose as fuel.

    As Jerry pointed out to me, if you put junk in, what do you expect to get out?

    Breathe full and deep.

    Sit in your soul.

    Let your heart connect.

    Stand under the night sky.

    And know that I'm behind you all the way. . . .