Saturday, March 7, 2015

i love right now

it's been almost 3 years since i last wrote...

lots has changed since then.

  • we have a wonderful, joyous baby girl
  • we have moved to a new state, TX (after living in San Francisco for almost 11 years)
  • i have a new career (that i really enjoy)
  • we bought our first home (we've been renting for over 20 years)
  • we have a new car (crazy that we have 2 cars now since we barely drove our only one barely once a week)
  • and...we have another baby on the way

huge life events that mostly happened over the last 7 months

the crazy thing about this is even though there are a lot of moving HUGE parts, I am

  • in love with my hubbie
  • in love with our life
  • am feeling creative and inspired again - WOOHOO
  • LOVE my daughter and cannot wait for my son to arrive
  • happy with who i am and have become
Most of my friends have known me from my late 20's to now. But i was a different person up until my mid 20 and had another re-birth in my 30's. I've come full circle and will probably (hopefully) keep growing and changing as i and time passes. thats the beauty of life and cannot wait for today and for whats ahead. i am grateful for those that i have around me, the peacefulness i have within myself and cheers to whats ahead.

stay tuned for some badassness from me to come!

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