Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear Diary,

Writing this blog today reminds me of when I use to write in my diary, even back in college. I use to do this daily exercise, every morning, write 3 pages no matter if I had something to write or not, i always wrote at least 3 pages. I loved doing that.

Anywho, today I am feeling good and I thought I would write a dear diary out into the world.

Dear Diary,

I saw a good friend of mine, Natalia, who I catch up with about every 2 months. We have a bond that I love, whenever we see each other, we catch up on what's up in our lives, what books we're reading, and especially, what's going on with our true self. So, yesterday, we met up for our usual appointment, literally. I was feeling down, and have been feeling down and just couldn't shake it.

Just some back story...Over the last few months, I've been seeing someone who I call "my spiritual adviser". She's been helping me get down to business and helping me in many many ways. Here's her Although I have been doing this inner work, sometimes I slip out of the high life and get down on things, that's life. So I saw "my spiritual adviser" 2 weeks ago and learned a VERY valuable thing, which is the moral of my story...keep reading.

Ok, so back to Natalia, we were talking catching up, I was telling her about my not being able to shake this thing, can't figure out why I'm down, and a light bulb goes off after I've been rambling for a while about my dumps, ah ha - I mention my last visit with "my spiritual adviser" and how I have a hard time just being me I just need to let loose, pull down the curtain, unleash myself to everyone.

Now I'm not saying that i'm so different of how everyone knows me, i'm just saying that i shouldn't put up this front of how i want to be perceived.I should just let me hair down and enjoy!!!

and that's how the conversation ended with Natalia. It was actually really really good. Soon after I stopped by the book store she was rambling on about. I had bought this book a while back but just couldn't get though it. Since then, I had lent it to a friend but didn't feel the urge to get it back, even yesterday, so I went out and bought it again yesterday.

check out my reading list

also, at the bookstore, I got into a pleasant conversation with a girl and it was actually really nice and genuine. not uncomfortable and felt good again...and she gave me 40% off the book, who knew.

ok, that's enough for now, i'm off to a yoga class on this beautiful San Francisco breezy morning...

peace out!!!!!!!!!



  1. I love you! I am glad your feeling better and learning to be yourself!

  2. which book was it? and girlfriend - you should always let your hair down :) xoxo