Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i love a good follow-up

ok, so it's been 2 months since russia/israel and i haven't followed-up.

I posted a ton of pictures on face book, so I will direct all there, but here's a snip-it to the trip


I love Odessa, the city I was born in.
the people, my family, the culture, the food, the weather, the beaches, the white pants, the beautiful girls, the cafe's, the margaritas, the coffee, the beaches, the sand, the attitide, (the shopping was good, but design stuff was hella expensive unless you have rolls & rolls of money, if you catch my drift), the vodka delicious, the opera house beautiful, late nights with my bro-priceless, 24/7 with the fam-priceless, hum...what else

I love Israel, the roots of my heritage.
where do i begin. if you haven't been there, you must go, period.

we arrived at 4am to find a big tour bus waiting for us and 30 others, woohoo and there it began!!!

On a bus for 1 week seeing more that i could imagine, jewish, christian, historic sights, it was amazing.
it was beautiful, it was interesting, it was cultural, it was touching, it was emotional, it was gratifying, it was delicious, hummus, dates, olives, delicious, everything about the trip was delicious. it made me more grateful for my roots than I even thought or planned for!!!

do a tour, there's way too much to see, go!!!

here are just a few places I remember visiting without looking through my journal:
the holocaust memorial - amazing
the walling wall
walling wall tunnels
orthodox jews everywhere - awesome
where jesus was born
the 8 stops jesus made
late night pub w/ bro to the kibbutz
tel aviv
sea of galalee
this trip was amazing

check out the 2 albums in my facebook album, one titles Ukraine, the other Israel

peace out

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