Saturday, December 4, 2010

i love bathhouses

good morning people

this morning is quiet and chill. kinda gray and wintery outside so i sit here in peace &and quiet and write to you. my chillness could also be do to last nights bathhouse experience.(actually last Friday)

if you've never done it, i highly recommend it.

i 1st went to this specific place (Kabuki Spa) for my recent 35th birthday with my girlfriends. we had massages then went into the communal bath area and soaked our bones and relaxed. it was super peaceful and quiet and it gave me a chance to nurture my body.

what it is is a bathhouse that features 4 areas

- dry sauna 155 degrees - lined in cedar inside
- wet sauna 120 degreed
- hot water pool
- ice cold water pool (hella ice cold)

so as you go between the different temperatured rooms, there's water, salt for scrubbing, ice cold wet wash cloths, showers, benches, chairs, tea, and most importantly time to nurture yourself. to give your mind and body your full on love and attention.

check it out and go:

kabuki springs

I had to give you a sneak peak into Esalen. if you didn't know this about me, I have discovered the fun and thrill of hot tubs in northern Cali. I'll soon put together a blog post of my hot tub dream list of ones I want to visit or are just on the top 10 list of best ones.

much love to you and happy holidays!

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