Sunday, January 16, 2011

i love tea

Ever since I started my detox elimination food intake, I've been off of caffeine, coffee, and onto decaf tea.

what's so great about it is that:
  • I can drink it when I need a snack
  • when I'm wanting to go to the cafe
  • when I want something hot to warm me up
  • when I need something to chill me out
  • zero calories
  • zero caffeine
some of my favorites I've come across:
  1. Hibiscus C Blend Teabags (Peet's) 
  2. Tazo Passion (Starbucks) 
  3. Spearmint Tea @ SFMoma
  4. Herbal Teas (Stash)
  5.   what are yours?    
 I love the process of making tea, choosing a mug, boiling water, picking the flavor, hearing the whistle, pouring the hot water, the steam, playing with the string, letting it cool, taking the 1st sip, feeling it go down, feeling it warm me

When I was little, my grandma use to fix me tea. She & I would sit and sip tea from a tea cup. Sometimes, she would pour some of my tea into the saucer, blow on it to cool it off, and I would sip it from there. Sometimes she would add a slice of lemon.

Now-a-days, I drink it straight, without any sugar, honey, or lemon. But if you've taking time out to make some or have people over, that's one of the best & sweetest ways to enjoy it.

check out some of these great sites that cover:


    1. i love tea too :) I have at least one cup of green and mint tea at work everyday. I love to have breakfast tea as an afternoon treat with a teeny bit of skim milk and sugar.

    2. yummmmmm, i'm gonna take your suggestion and add a tad bit of milk and maybe even honey...yum, thanks for sharing slaps