Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i heart the early morning

good morning,

ever since the time change back in oct/november, I've been waking up automatically between 5:30-6 without the alarm clock.

instead of going to the gym everyday like i know my body needs it, i've been a lot more productive on other things that also mean a lot to me.

as i sit here at 6:30 this morning, i love the quietness, darkness, stillness of this time. my mind is quiet & peaceful and i can:
do the dishes
change the litter
take a long shower & shave
paint my nails (which i might do this morning with my new color i just picked up - sparkle-ishous)
catch up on e-mails
write cards
make jewelry
or do whatever i would normally want to be doing when time is not an issue.
and on occasion, i go to the gym

so, by the time i head out to work, i'm awake, quiet and excited inside, peaceful, and ready to start my day.

here are some pictures of how i feel in the early mornings!!! (all pics came from weheartit.com)

peace out!!!

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